Smoke with electronic cigarettes for your better health

I stopped smoking twelve months ago with the help of an e-cigarette, and let me tell you the truth; it was not at all difficult for me to make the switch to e-cigarettes. I really like vaping with e-cigs, as they have shown me an easy and healthy way to satisfy my smoke cravings.
If you are also looking for a safe and healthy option to quit smoking, there is nothing as good as e-cigs. Below, I have outlined the general basic information needed for knowing more about the working and benefits of electronic cigarettes.

What is an e-cigarette?

E-cigs are small electronic instruments that let you enjoy a chemical-free smoking at any place including the bars, restaurants, plane and various other tobacco smoking prohibited areas. With e-cigs, you can satisfy your smoking pleasure of nicotine without consuming any harmful chemicals like tar that are usually found in traditional tobacco cigs.
Another great advantage of vaping with electronic cigarette is that you will be able to save a lot of money since electronic cigarettes are affordable and quite cheap as compared to normal tobacco cigarettes.

What are the differences between e-cigs and tobacco cigs?

E-cig looks exactly like a tobacco cigarette, except of being free from any carcinogenic and harmful chemicals. When vaping with e-cig, you will feel that you are smoking a traditional cigarette, but there will be no fire, secondhand smoke, disgusting odour of smoke, tar, carbon monoxide, ash and cigarette butts.
You do not require a lighter to light your e-cig or ashtray to put tobacco ash and cigarette butts. E-cigs are simply hassle-free and convenient to use. Moreover, you can easily smoke them in smoke prohibited areas, without having to worry about the penalties of violating the smoking laws.

How e-cigs really work?

There are three main components of the e-cig. These are the mouthpiece, the atomizer and the battery.

  • As you inhale through the electronic cigarette, a small L.E.D lights up on the front of your e-cig. This gives the impression of a burning cigarette, similar to the traditional tobacco cigarette, but without the formation of ash.
  • An atomizer of an e-cigarette is responsible for producing vapours that look like an actual smoke as produced in regular cigs. These vapours are completely harmless as they are free of any hazardous chemicals.
  • The mouthpiece, or a cartridge, of an e-cig is filled with a solution of nicotine and added flavours. This solution is also known as the e-liquid, or the e-juice. Atomizer heats up this solution to form vapours that quickly vanishes in the environment without leaving behind any unpleasant and harmful secondhand smoke. Thus, you will be able to get the taste of nicotine followed by a smoke, but without having any risk of numerous health complications.

Smoking with e-cigs has improved my life quality. Now, my family is not afraid and worried of my tobacco smoking habits. I want to reassure every tobacco smoker that electronic cigarettes are a best alternative to quit smoking. I have been largely benefited since I swapped to smoking with e-cigs.
Try electronic cigarettes today, and I am sure that you will make your life healthier and easier, besides saving a large chunk of money. If you have any doubts, please write below and I will happily respond to them.

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